I'm Brian Logan, tracking expert and developer.

I’ve been in a part of different agencies, and have my own business that handles marketing, website design, and analytics tracking. Recently specializing in DevOps.

As Featured In:

I have 14+ years in development, and have helped companies learn more about their leads/customers on a more personal level.

About Me

I have been a developer for over 14 years, working primarily in PHP with Laravel or WordPress. Currently learning Rust and Python.

In my off-time, I enjoy gaming, cooking, and doing escape rooms. I enjoy spending time with friends, or even streaming my gaming/hangouts online. 

Enjoy the picture of me holding a giant snake! Sadly she passed away. Also, my hair isn’t red anymore (thankfully)!

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Years of Experience


Platforms Launched

My Experience

From agencies to small businesses, I have done it all.

Proof is in the pudding right? Well, I have had experience with a few different places, launching platforms and maintaining sites.


Software Engineer/DevOps

Part of a team working under Cerebrum, we were consulting Quest Diagnostics on their Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS). I started as a Software Engineer but moved to DevOps after just 2 months. Rebuilding the local environment setups, creating CI and deployment pipelines, and managing the production environments in Kubernetes via Rancher.



I moved from the agency life to owning my own company. Working with local businesses, redesigning their websites and improving their awareness bringing in more customers.


IT/Project Manager

Working at agencies as a developer is different from being the leader of a team. Handling client communications, talking to my team, and figuring out proper timelines. I also implemented new processes for handling updates to websites, web design, and hosting.


Lead Developer/Marketing Scientist

I was the Lead Developer, and truly the only developer for a long time at an agency in the valley. I worked with small businesses to Fortune 500 companies figuring out where leads come from, how much they are spending, and connecting platforms together on the backend to make seamless flows.

Featured Courses

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Digital Marketing Resources

Some resources that you may find useful that I collected over my time at different agencies, doing freelance projects, and more.

The Latest from My Blog

I do blog from time to time. It’s not often, and it tends to be about whatever project I am working on at that time.